5ENG Employee Engagement | Level 5

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HR strategies that enhance employee engagement are

Communicate deliberately and regularly

To grow an organization, the bonding among the employees must be strong. To strengthen this bond, communication is the only way. Without communication, no organization can grow or accomplish its targets. In most organizations, a huge communication gap exists among the employees and departments and they work in isolation.

To eradicate this communication gap, it’s HR’s responsibility to pull off strategies that urge the employees to communicate deliberately and regularly. To make it easy, HR got to keep employees engaged by updating them on what’s new in the company or putting up posters in shared spaces. HR can use digital platforms such as the company’s website, and social media channels to communicate.

Provide advancement for opportunities

Another way of engagement among employees is providing them with opportunities to grow. Most of the employees see increased salaries and promotions as growth while some of them work towards advancing their careers by learning new skills and enhancing their profiles.

To provide growth to your employees, you can develop training programs where the employees get to enhance their skills and knowledge or you can arrange seminars where you can invite speakers of your domain to give lessons on various topics related to the field. This way engagement among employees will get better and strong.

Invite feedback- and act on it

Implement taking feedback from the employees and act on it. You might receive negative feedback as well but to promote engagement among employees, you got to take the step. You can arrange anonymous surveys where the feedback remains anonymous and no one will get to know who has written this.

Arranging surveys is not enough; you need to make sure that the seniors of the organization act on it to improve themselves and the environment.

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