Here is a list of frequently asked questions embedded with our writing agency, have a look.


Can you tell me about your company?

Express Assignment is the name of perfection. It is a leading assignment writing firm that works under the name of Akosz Tec Ltd., a UK-centred company that owns a certified official office address together with a verified company number. For further guidance, please visit the About Us page.

What kind of services you offer?

We are an online assignment writing company in the UK that aims to offer all kinds of assignments covering all the academic subjects expertly. Hence, for any kind of skilled assistance in assignment writing, you can place your trust at our platform.

Who would do my assignments?

We have an expert team of 500+ professionals whom we have organised after going through a firm and staunch selection process. Moreover, all of them are subject-matter experts so it becomes supple for us to accept any challenging topic of assignment since we have got the best writers who are specialised in all the domains. In this manner, we undertake the utmost responsibility of working on the roughest and tough assignments as well. Therefore, only subject-matter practitioners are assigned to the successful completion of the papers.

What is the way of contacting you?

You could interact with us through popping over to the Contact Us page, where you have to place your query with your personal information so that we could identify whether you are a visitor or a customer. Hence, you could leave us a message there and our customer care would get back to you shortly. Another way to talk to us is emailing us at [email protected]. Thus, both of these ways would connect you to our support directly.

What is the quality assurance of your composed document?

After the work is structured, it undergoes a quality checking process which is conducted by our highly adept QA support unit. There, every component of the paper is analysed and fixed, if it needs correction. Our professional editors and proofreaders focus highly on plagiarism, clarity, relevance, coherence, format, context, referencing style, and citations of the composed work. Hence, we guarantee you well-revised, well-formatted, and well-referenced papers for the optimum satisfaction of the customers.

Could I review the writer’s notes?

Yes, since we have mentioned before that we deliver you 100% customised assignment services thus, we allow the customers to inspect the progress of the current order. In this regard, we fulfil the requests of the customers when they wish to see the writer’s partial drafts. So, book your order now and experience the nurtured skills of our writers.

What are the 10 smart reasons for choosing you?

Several reasons underpin the fact that we are the best and selective assignment writing service across the UK, the top features of our company are written below.

  • 100% bespoke assignment writing service
  • Tried-and-trusted assignment help embracing all the subjects
  • UK-based writing team
  • 100% money-back policy
  • Full secure and safe purchasing process and modes
  • Budget-friendly services
  • High-quality content with complete and relevant data
  • Well-researched and clearly-formatted document
  • 0% plagiarised work along with a free Turnitin copy
  • Timely submissions of the order

What are your refund policies?

The following rules befall in the category of refund policies exercised here.

  • The customer is eligible for a refund if his card gets charged more than once.
  • The customer is eligible for a refund if he does not achieve success in our submitted work.
  • The customer is eligible for a refund if the work does not align with the assignment briefs or customer’s requirements.
  • The customer is eligible for a refund if we fail to deliver with the agreed timeline.
  • The customer is eligible for a refund if he wishes to cancel the order within 24 hours of confirmation.
  • The time span of the refund process is 3 to 5 business days.

How do you deal with stringent deadlines?

We control strict codes of delivering the work within the preferred time-frame of the customer. Since we understand the list of time crunches the students go through during the organisation of complex assignments, we emphasise speedy deliveries of the orders. In this way, if your deadline is based on a tight schedule, we would keep our promises anyhow and deliver the work on time. Therefore, if you have any uncertainties regarding the submissions of written assignments, talk to our experts and wipe all of them away.

What payment methods do you accept?

We offer a wide range of payment channels; choose yours from the list given below.

  • Visa Electron
  • Visa Credit
  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa Debit
  • AmericanXpress
  • Bank Transfers
  • Visa

What is the paper standard?

The paper standard is labelled to the quality of the written assignments that our assignment service features. We provide the students with three types of a paper standard that are First-Class paper, 2:1 Paper Standard, and 2:2 Paper Standard. There is a difference among these kinds which showcase that the First-Class paper has the best quality, 2:1 Paper Standard incorporates good quality, and 2:2 Paper Standard comes in the category of better quality paper. Along with this, there is a difference in the cost as well among these kinds which makes them distinguished easily. Hence, it depends on the students which paper standard they choose from the options.

What happens if the deadline is displaying wrong in my account?

It happens rarely, yet even if it occurs due to some technical issues, we are supposed to calculate the deadline from the date and time of payment acknowledged.

What are the other benefits offered here?

For subtle and ample assistance in assignments, we also proffer a huge collection of perks including free of charge formatting and editing, seasonal discount codes, free cover page, free Turnitin report, free referencing, free table of contents, 24/7 availability of customer care, quick and valid outcomes, online tracking of the order progress, open-ended discussions with the chosen writer, cost-effective access to services, and whatnot! You should unfold the rest benefits yourself to enjoy our premium services.

Are your academic services legitimate?

As far as the services we offer are concerned, all of them are lawfully recognised and in fact, we have made media presences informing everybody that we only deliver 100% legitimate academic services. Therefore, it reflects how devoted and firm we are in the application of our rules and regulations.

Do you offer instalment plans?

Yes, we do provide the opportunity of instalment plans to the students who could not deposit a huge amount of money at one point in time. In this matter, you should communicate with our customer care unit for detailed guidance.

What is the pricing structure of your services?

Our services are designed in accordance with the financial budgets of the students. We do not off-limits in terms of rates while giving you top-quality papers on time. Therefore, we have kept the rates minimal and quite affordable starting from £10.

Should you want to know more about us, please feel free to get in touch with any of our online support agents and find out everything! Helpline