CFPBUS003 - Introduction to Information Technology

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LAN (Local Area Network) is described as a laptop community this is liable for connecting neighborhood regions like schools, residents, universities, etc. The foremost characteristic of the neighborhood place networks is to hyperlink the computer systems, thereby supplying get right of entry to to the printers, photocopies, and different services. LAN has client-server architecture.

There are varieties of LAN, i.e., peer-to-peer LAN and client/ provider LAN. All those networks are linked to at least one primary protection database. It is exciting to be aware that LAN has stressed out networks, and all of the computer systems and printers are linked via those wires. A LAN is used as an special community for organizations, schools, universities, etc. One of the primary examples of LAN is the computer systems in school. All the computer systems are linked via wires with one primary database.


A MAN, additionally referred to as the Metropolitan Area Network, is described because the laptop community that joins the metropolitan regions. MAN works both via wires/ cables or modem. Telephone corporation community is a not unusual instance of MAN as they offer excessive-pace DSL line to the consumers. The foremost feature of MAN is that it`s miles the interconnection among numerous links/ networks in a metropolitan place. Point-to-factor connections are utilized in MAN. The community length of MAN levels from 5-50 Kms. The nearby reasserts are regularly shared in MAN. It is exciting to be aware that MAN is both owned via way of means of a collection or via way of means of a community provider. Therefore, the metropolitan place community isn`t that expensive. The setup is pretty easy, and the net pace is incredibly excessive. Thus, the implementation value is stored in MAN.


A WAN, additionally referred to as the Wide Area Network, is described as a telecommunications community that extends over a massive place. The number one reason of WAN is laptop networking. The networks are connected to speak with one another.

WAN isn`t related to a specific location. It facilitates in communication and sharing the specified facts the various connections. WAN is the most important community in comparison to MAN and LAN. A WAN can also additionally cowl a country, continent, etc. Examples of WAN consist of broadband services, 3G or 4G connections, etc. Some of the benefits of WAN are that it covers a bigger geographical place, the software, resources, and different facts is shared, has a excessive bandwidth, the tour prices are reduced, etc. Now, there are sure contrasting factors among LAN, MAN, and WAN. So, allow us to have a have a take a observe them.

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