HRM4007 Fostering Dignity and Respect

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In this unit the learner will have a basic understanding of fostering dignity and respect along with effective communication within health and social care.

Now let’s understand what is effective communication?

Effective communication is defined as the communication within the health and social care industry which has a direct impact on the patients. The impact on the patients could be positive or negative based on the way of communication with the patient. There are patients who go through difficulties while understanding because of the language barriers, limited literacy, and physical condition, etc. As a nurse, effective communication plays an essential part in the betterment of patient.

Communication skills for nurses

Verbal communication

Appropriate and precise speaking is the key to deliver your talk to the patient. A nurse should always speak clear, accurate, and be honest with the patient. The way of communication also depends on the patient’s age, gender, education, culture, and his/her health condition. At times nurses are knackered due to their work load and long hours in the hospital so their tome changes gradually and they become aggressive which is totally wrong.

Non-verbal communication

Nurses often come across patients who can’t hear or speak so they have to communicate with them non-verbally. Non-verbal communication is done through facial expressions or using material or elements, body language, gestures, etc. This way the patient feels comfortable while talking non-verbally to the nurse and it helps both parties to understand each other.

Active listening

Active listening means to understand the patient’s past experiences and his/her mental and physical condition. Effective listening demands full attention to what the patient is trying to communicate and listening to it with full attention. This is one of the most vital skills when it comes to nursing. A bond is created between the patient at the nurse if the nurse is a good listener.

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