P1: Compare different organizational examples where there has been an impact of change on an organization’s strategy and operations.

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Introduction: In this unit, the learners will get to know how an organization changes when there is a change in the organization’s strategy and operations. Students will also get to the impact that is created when the strategies of an organization are changed.


The technique of converting a company approach may be damaged down into 4 awesome steps: making plans, implementation, tracking, and overview.

In the stage of making plans, managers shape their strategic imaginative and prescient into concrete, time-certain desires and objectives. Research and checking out are critical in the stage of making plans, as managers try and advantage a good deal of data as viable approximately the viability of the alternate. The implementation section sees the alternate placed into movement in step with the plan. Monitoring is much less of a section and greater of a chronic pastime that facilitates managers to advantage perception into how properly their plans are running and pinpoint capability problems. In the overview stage, managers examine data won from tracking sports and determine whether or not the approach desires to be altered but again.

Positive Effects

The changing approach will have some high-quality consequences. New strategic instructions can assist an organization to conform to adjustments in the felony surroundings or the marketplace. New techniques can assist an organization to carry out greater correctly or cost-efficiently or can assist them to go into a new, greater worthwhile enterprise or marketplace segment. Changes in approach also can assist a stagnant organization to reclaim its former boom rates.

Negative Effects

Not all the consequences of alternate are high quality. Internal worker resistance may be a primary barrier to powerful alternate implementation, as sure human beings strongly withstand any sort of alternative to the repute quo or everyday routine. There is likewise continually the opportunity of failure in new initiatives, leaving an organization in a worse role than it became earlier than the alternate.

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