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About FM4.12 Understanding Facilities Management Projects

Facilities management plays a significant role in the organisation’s success. Making resources available in time and the right place are extremely important in order to be good going every day. Facility managers are accountable to look after the organisation’s assets as well as the budgets that are involved within them. It has been observed that facilities managers play their part in looking after the property and its maintenance and functioning. Facilities management is a part of every organisation that includes various professions to ensure functionality, availability of required resources, comfort, protection and well-being of employees etc. In your academic career, you will definitely confront this assessment having the title FM4.12 Understanding Facilities Management Projects.

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The Skillset of Facilities Management

There is a certain set of skills that every facility manager has. The skills are:

  • Occupancy and human factors
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Sustainability
  • Facility information and technology management
  • Risk management
  • Communication skills
  • Performance and quality
  • Strategy and leadership
  • Real estate
  • Project management
  • Business and finance

The Core Competencies of Facility Management (FM.4.12):

1) Safety: Safety is one of the biggest concerns of everyone present in the building or an organisation. It is the facility manager’s job to ensure the safety of the people occupying the property. The responsibility includes all possible environmental health and safety issues and mainly the ones that concern the building and its equipment. If the facility manager fails to do so, it may lead to serious loss in the business.

2) Security: Security is also a major concern for everyone occupying the premises. It is the facility management team’s job to ensure the security of the people residing or working in the property. This is an important factor to which the facility management team must answer. Larger companies, which are equipped with expensive equipment, might make a great decision to outsource their security needs in the form of a private firm. It is still the facility management team’s job to look after the firm the organisation has outsourced. Make use of the latest technology like installing biometric systems and wearable to make strict access control for high-security areas.

3) Maintenance and inspections: Maintenance and inspections are also in the scope of the facility management team. No matter what the focus of the team is but maintaining the building’s machinery is essential to run the business/property efficiently and effectively. Looking after the machinery and other systems such as HVAC installed is one of the jobs of the facility management team. Every building has some machinery installed that requires regular maintenance to function without any hurdle. The FM team has to keep themselves updated with the new technology and must be aware when the machinery requires maintenance. To ensure that, the team can conduct internal inspections as when needed.

4) Business continuity planning: A top-notch facility management team means to be prepared for the worst-case scenarios. Now the question arises how will the team prepare for the worst-case scenarios and what could be these scenarios. To prepare for such cases, teams must sit down come up with a plan in case any disaster strikes the property and the business can’t afford to shut down operations. For example, a fire has erupted in the community school, so the facility management team has to evacuate the building and arrange an alternate for the teachers to hold classes.

5) Daily operational duties: Along with the job mentioned above, it is also essential for the facility management team to manage the day-to-day tasks and challenges. It all depends on how an organisation is structured. The daily tasks can vary from mending a leaky rooftop to painting the walls and many other tasks. No matter how big the organisation is, it’s always the FM team’s duty to look after the daily tasks.

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Facility managers can be called by different names and one can get into the field with having a degree in any discipline. One of the biggest jobs they have is to ensure the system of the built environment and make certain that all the functions in the organisation are working perfectly. Facilities management is an important part of any company where managers of this department are responsible to ensure the places in which people eat, work, play, live, and learn are safe and secure with comfort and productivity. Facility managers subsidise the association’s bottom line through their accountability of maintaining the large and valuable assets for instance possessions, buildings, equipment as well as different inventory etc.

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