11 assess the major contemporary labour market trends in different country contexts

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Introduction: This report involves the contemporary market trends in Malaysia. Through this report, earners can easily assess the labor trends in Malaysia which will help them in crafting their academic reports. It will also help them to analyse the current labor situation in Malaysia.

The employment rate in Malaysia fell drastically after covid-19. Oil and gas industries along with the construction industry are few of the most affected industries post covid. They had to suspend their operations as they lack resources and the market got saturated. The unemployment rate escalated to 5% which is the highest since 1990’s

Thousands of companies and businesses laid off their employees and were forced to shut down. When you talk about tech companies that build software, websites, and apps, they too suffered immensely and were closed down temporarily. Sooner the things began to change and industries and companies revived. The real change began in June when the recruitment process got faster and huge number of individuals were recruited in companies

Which sectors are seeing growth?

There are a few markets that pivoted and made the high-quality of the situation. E-trade and healthcare have sprung to the rescue seeing that many couldn`t tour outdoor in their houses besides for essentials.
Logistics companies, maximum appreciably meals deliverers, spiked within the tens of hundreds to healthy deliver and demand. Many took up the mantle of deliveryman as a brief or facet earnings gig. Stories emerged of senior management, engineers and tech marketers signing as much as Food Panda or Grab Foods.

Even public zone jobs had been now no longer immune. Many people in administration, human resources, fitness and protection had been absolved in their obligations as a way to live at home. There was, however, an underreported growth of human beings becoming a member of the scientific and NGOs and imparting assist in COVID hotspots.

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