1.1 Explain the importance of defining the objectives, scope, and success criteria of the decisions to be taken

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Explain the principles of leadership and management

Leadership is a skill that is learned over some time. It just does not happens overnight. There are some qualities of a successful leader which are as follows

Admitting your mistakes:

To err is human, however, a few leaders are uncomfortable with the concept that their crew ought to see them make a mistake. It may be a venture to confess while you are wrong, however, it’s extraordinarily precious and in reality vital for groups to peer their leaders make errors and admit to them. It offers them the concept that they also can make errors and research from them. Seeing a chairman admit to a mistake can assist humanize them, and in reality, assist personnel to relate to and admire them greater. Good leaders are as much as the venture—they display that it’s vital to personal your errors, assist in the restoration of them, research from them, and pass them on. This enables them to set the first-rate instance for her company. Being unwilling to confess errors can result in personnel now no longer trusting their leaders, demanding that they`ll get intoa problem if they messup in any manner and a loss of duty which could purpose large troubles on your crew. Being capable of admitting errors is a precious management principle.

Be a great listener

Great leaders understand that verbal exchange is a two-manner avenue that begins with listening. If a frontrunner isn’t a great listener, the result may be that their crew is some distance much less probably to concentrate on them in return. Great leaders understand that listening is fundamental to supporting them advantage believing and admire in their crew. Being inclined to now no longer most effective concentrate, however sincerely listen to what your crew is telling you, is fundamental to being privy to issues and a way to restorative them. Teams will talk about issues, concerns, ideas, and matters approximately themselves which could assist leaders to understand higher a way to encourage, encourage, and paint with them. Good listeners don’t need to consider the whole lot they listen to, however, they decide to listen and operate to recognize it, the use of what they have got heard to make choices. Leaders that concentrate make sure groups validate and recognize what they’re going through, or even if they take the crew in an extraordinary direction, they understand that they had been heard and understood.

Be innovative

Leaders can’t relax on their laurels and anticipate their crew to be the innovative machine. Innovation is fundamental to a successful leader. Their process is to assume out of doors the field, be innovative, and assist and encourage the crew to do the equal. Great leaders see a larger photo and may assist their crew to recognize larger, long-time period goals. Leaders that innovate display their groups that they`re contemporary and relevant—groups need to understand that their leaders recognize tendenciesand are organized for the future. So they study innovation, and tech tendencies, and make use of them in their company regularly. This enables us to make sure that they won’t emerge as obsolete. Leaders who innovate and assume out of doors the field encourage their personnel to seize the imaginative and prescient and make use of their creativity as well. This enables everybody to be greater successful.

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