31 demonstrate how to provide support for speech-language and communication for individuals children and/or young people

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Be a good role model

Since children at young age follow adults so you got to make sure that you speak accurately and whatever language you speak, the child gets to hear properly. In order to be a good role model for your children you can follow a few steps that will make them good at speech

  • Speak slowly
  • Using short sentences
  • Making eye contact while communicating
  • Using the right pronunciation and correct sentence structure
  • Avoid using baby words
  • Labeling objects and materials around you
  • Listening carefully
  • Not interrupting
  • Giving them time to respond
  • Using expressive language

Read to them

Reading is one of the most effective ways of improving speech-language and communication. If you want your children to be good at speech, you got to build a reading habit in them. In the early years of children, as they cannot read, you must read to them. Try to read the books on a daily basis when it’s their bedtime. Even if your kid is 6 months old, you should read short story books to them.

When you read, point to the words as you speak themas it helps the children to enhance their vocabulary which is helpful for them. You should also engage them by pointing to the pictures, using annotation, etc.

Talk together

Talking to a child enhances the speaking power and improves his/her language. Furthermore, it also helps in building the confidence ofthe children to speak. Some tips you can use to talk to the child care:

  • Addressing them by name
  • Expanding what children say
  • Using parallel talk and self-talk
  • Being positive
  • Choosing exciting topics

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