Explain the terminology used in construction technology - Construction Technology Assignment

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Assignable Square Footage (ASF)

Usable rectangular photos inside a bodily area (measured from completed wall to completed wall).

Addendum (Addenda)

Written records including, clarifying or editing the bidding files. An addendum is commonly issued through the proprietor to thecontractor at some stage in the bidding manner and as such, addenda are meant to emerge as a part of the agreement files while thecreation agreement is executed.

Feasibility Study

An observation primarily based totally on a Project Program to decide on an undertaking budget, time table and necessities for beginning a Capital ImprovementProject. The feasibility observation typically consists of a conceptual layout, web website online research including geotechnical and software infrastructure, valueestimating together with creation costs, undertaking control fees, financing necessities, and research into any trouble to havean impact on the final results of the undertaking. A file is furnished to explain if the undertaking is viable and what is going to be required to moveahead with the undertaking.

Group I Equipment

Building Elements can be taken into consideration as “a part of the constructing”. These objects are commonly constructed into the shape of the constructing and arenow no longer movable. ie: well-established objects, lighting, cabinetry, a/v equipment, etc.

Group II Furniture/Equipment

Furniture/Equipment are movable and may be relocated from one area to some other with ease. i.e.: tables, chairs, desks, workplace furniture,study room equipment, lab equipment, etc.

Gross Square Footage (GSF)

Square photos that consist of all unusable areas inside a construction, ie: corridors, custodian closets, inner walls, software areas, etc.

Major & Minor Capital Improvement Project

A Major Capital Improvement Project is any undertaking the usage of Campus or CSU financing over $632,000. All tasks under $632,000 aretaken into consideration by Minor Capital Improvement Projects.

Performance Specifications

Performance Specifications include the minimal suited requirements and effects to be carried out in preference to dictating techniques. Thisconsists of specifying a minimal suited excellent well-known (above everyday code necessities) and aesthetic values. Using performancespecs instead of fabric specs permits the layout/construct group the best flexibility in the assembly of the undertaking goals.

Project Program and Programming

A Project Program is all of the bodily necessities of a Capital Improvement Project. This consists of all occupancy and uses necessitiesin addition to infrastructure necessities to satisfy the user’s needs. The Project Program isn`t a layout, but the foundation for the layout. Programming is the manner of making the Project Program and typically entails a sequence of conferences with all of the capability stakeholdersto decide the necessities for the undertaking.

CSI Master Format

The CSI Master Format is a machine of numbers and titles for organizing creation records right into a regular, well-known order orsequence. By setting up a grasp listing of titles and numbers Master Format promotes standardization and thereby helps theretrieval of records and improves creation communication. It offers a uniform machine for organizing records in undertaking.

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