LO1 Explain the different types of and influences on the design of food preparation and production systems

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The meal is heated to a excessive temperature. This procedure is referred to as pasteurization. Then, the meals is packaged and saved in an air-tight can. Check our info graphic displaying the processing steps for canned tomatoes.


The breakdown of sugars through microorganism, yeasts, or different micro organisms beneath neath anaerobic conditions. This means, no oxygen is wanted for the procedure to take place (aside from oxygen found in sugar). Fermentation is drastically used withinside the manufacturing of alcoholic drinks inclusive of wine, beer, and cider, and withinside the renovation of ingredients inclusive of sauerkraut, dry sausages, and yoghurt, however additionally for elevating dough in bread manufacturing.


Food temperatures are decreased to under 0°C to lower the hobby of dangerous micro organism. The procedure may be used to keep the bulk of ingredients together with fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and geared up meals. Do you understand the stairs had to produce frozen peas? Check them out here!

Modified environment packaging

Air interior a package deal is substituted through a protecting fueloline mix, regularly together with oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen – gases which are additionally gift withinside the air we breathe. They assist to increase the shelf lifestyles of sparkling meals products - generally of fruits, vegetables, meat and meat products, and seafood.


Food is heated after which quick cooled right all the way down to kill microorganisms. For example, uncooked milk might also additionally incorporate dangerous microorganism that reason foodborne illnesses. Boiling it (at home) or pasteurizing (on a big scale) is vital to make sure it`s far secure to consume. Apart from dairy products, pasteurization is extensively utilized in renovation of canned ingredients, juices and alcoholic drinks.


A procedure of warmth and chemical remedy of meals to assist keep it through exposing it to smoke from burning fabric inclusive of wood. Smoked ingredients generally consist of styles of meat, sausages, fish or cheese.


Food components play a crucial position in maintaining the freshness, safety, taste, look and texture of processed ingredients. Food components are brought for precise purposes, whether or not to make sure meals safety, or to preserve meals exceptional in the course of the shelf-lifestyles of a product. For example, antioxidants save you fat and oils from turning into rancid, even as preservatives save you or lessen the boom of microbes (e.g. mold on bread). Emulsifiers are used for example in enhancing the feel of mayonnaise, or preventing salad dressings from isolating into oil and water.

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